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Passive House Windows & Doors: Curious about how our uPVC tilt and turn windows perform in a blower door test?

When it comes to constructing energy efficient and Passive House homes, every detail matters.

The blower door is like a health check up for your building to assess the airtightness of a structure. During this examination, the building undergoes intentional pressurization and depressurization to simulate various environmental conditions and identify potential air leakage points. A powerful fan is affixed within a temporary airtight frame of an exterior door.

In a depressurization test, the fan extracts air from the house, reducing the interior pressure and drawing air in from the outside through unsealed cracks and openings. A pressure gauge measures the amount of air pulled out of the house by the fan and entering through unsealed cracks and openings, exposing any leaks or areas of inadequate insulation within the building envelope that could compromise energy efficiency. In new builds, especially in passive houses where airtightness is paramount, conducting a blower door test is particularly crucial as it allows builders to detect and rectify any issues early on, ensuring builders can make necessary adjustments to enhance optimal performance of the building’s airtightness and overall comfort.

The addition of a smoke gun during the blower door test provides a visual element, pinpointing any potential air leaks with precision. This is where the superior engineering of our tilt and turn windows becomes evident, effectively obstructing smoke from infiltrating the building and showcasing impeccable airtightness. Such performance is not only essential for energy efficiency but also for ensuring a healthy indoor environment by preventing the entry of pollutants and allergens.

With our tilt and turn windows, you can rest assured that your home remains airtight and energy efficient, regardless of external pressures. Furthermore, their versatile tilt and turn functionality offer added ventilation control and easy maintenance, thereby enhancing the overall comfort, safety, and liveability of a house.

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