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What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for non-plasticized polyvinyl chloride and is proven to be an excellent material for windows and doors because it offers performance, durability, longevity and low maintenance.

The uPVC is still recognized for its thermal efficiency, sound insulation and excellent cost-benefit, in setting aside the aesthetic aspect when providing beauty to the work, renovation, construction or restoration.

Benefits of uPVC

Low maintenance

uPVC frames don’t need painting or sealing, which significantly reduce the maintenance required, they are easily cleaned with water and detergent.

Tough and durable

uPVC is a very durable material used in water and sewer pipes for at least 100 years, in addition to be ultraviolet resistance to ensure they won’t fade.

Thermal confort

Unlike metals, uPVC is non-conductive, which means using in windows and doors will not transfer heat and contributes for a more consistent internal temperature.


uPVC can be recycled as often as 10 times. Where they have been commonly used for the past 30 years, such as in Europe, uPVC windows and doors can be – and are – recycled at the end of life.

Energy economy

As Australian windows are rated for energy efficiency by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS), those made by uPVC are rated among the best performing in WERS.

Resistant to salt erosion

uPVC is resistant to corrosion caused by salt-laden air making them ideal for coastal properties.

High security

uPVC windows incorporate multi-locking systems providing a high level of security for homes or businesses.

Rot resistant

uPVC does not rot and is resistant to corrosion.

Available Colours

We have a vast range of laminate colour schemes including different woodgrains, plain colours, and metallic colours.

Application of the uPVC


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Security, thermal comforty and durability.


Economy, resistance and isolations.

What is Double Glazing?

Double Glazing is the use of two glasses on doors and windows that, separated by an air box, create an effective sound and acoustic insulation layer, satisfactorily reducing the propagation of sound waves.

Double Glazing is still widely indicated to perform temperature when acting as a thermal insulator, as well as resistance to mechanical stresses, durability and safety for the places where this type of glass is used.

Warm in Winter

By cutting the heat transfer from the internal hot side to the cold side, the double glazed uPVC windows and doors reduce the heat loss from heating in cold weather and reduce the energy needed to heat the internal spaces.

Bushfire Performance

uPVC windows with metal reinforcing are permitted in zones classified as up to BAL-29 (where the number represents the heat flux in kW m2) risk. Some uPVC window systems permits their use in zones BAL-40 and above.

Cool in Sumer

The installation of uPVC frames with double glazing keeps the environment cooler in the summer, by reducing the external heat gain.

Acoustic Isolation

Combined with uPVC window frame systems, the double glazing can reduce the noise by up to 80% (~45dB).


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