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Kinzel Industries is proud to be a trusted manufacturer and installer of Passive House windows and doors in Sydney.

About Passive House

Passive House, also known as Passivhaus, is revolutionising the way we design and construct buildings with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

By employing super insulation, airtight construction, high performance windows and doors and heat recovery ventilation systems, Passive Houses minimise energy consumption for heating and cooling by up to 90% compared to conventional buildings.

Not only do Passive Houses significantly reduce carbon emissions, but they also provide superior indoor comfort, exceptional air quality, and long-term cost savings for homeowners.

As we strive for a greener future, Passive House standards offer a compelling solution to mitigate climate change and create healthier living environments.

What Are Passive House Windows?

A passive house window isn’t simply a specific type of window, rather, it refers to the thermal insulation properties of the window. A window meeting passive house standards boasts exceptionally high thermal insulation, designed to minimise heat loss and maximise energy efficiency within a building.
It’s important to clarify that a windows and doors don’t necessarily need to be certified as Passive House compliant to be used in a Passive House project. However, it must meet stringent thermal performance criteria, and its specifications need to be available for input into thermal modeling software.
Most of our windows and doors can be specified to Passive House standard.
For those who require Passive House Institute Certified Products, we recommend choosing our Energeto Neo range. Please enquire for further information.
Kinzel Industries is proud to provide Passive House windows and door systems that match Australian climate zone requirements and provide all data required for Passive House modelling.

Certified Passive House Windows

Our Energeto Neo system is Passive House certified

More information on Passive House Components Database here.

Our Products


Security, thermal comforty and durability.


Our doors are highly secure, robust and come in many different styles.

How To Install Passive House Windows?

Proper installation is fundamental for passive house windows to excel in airtightness and insulation. Our in house Certified Passive House Tradesperson can assist with the practical implementation of airtightness installation details.

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If you are embarking on a Passive house or EnerPHit project we here to assist you. Speak to one of our technical specialists for advice on choosing passive house windows and doors.


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