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What is Double Glazing?

Double Glazing is the use of two glasses on doors and windows that, separated by an air box, create an effective sound and acoustic insulation layer, satisfactorily reducing the propagation of sound waves.

Double Glazing is still widely indicated to perform temperature when acting as a thermal insulator, as well as resistance to mechanical stresses, durability and safety for the places where this type of glass is used.

Warm in Winter

By cutting the heat transfer from the internal hot side to the cold side, the double glazed uPVC windows and doors reduce the heat loss from heating in cold weather and reduce the energy needed to heat the internal spaces.

Bushfire Performance

uPVC windows with metal reinforcing are permitted in zones classified as up to BAL-29 (where the number represents the heat flux in kW m2) risk. Some uPVC window systems permits their use in zones BAL-40 and above.

Cool in Sumer

The installation of uPVC frames with double glazing keeps the environment cooler in the summer, by reducing the external heat gain.

Acoustic Isolation

Combined with uPVC window frame systems, the double glazing can reduce the noise by up to 80% (~45dB).


The installations are done quickly, with an experienced and qualified team that performs the service satisfactorily, with quality and extremely technical.

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