Tilt & Turn Windows

For a good ventilation, safety, easy cleaning and protection.



Tilt & Turn windows open to the inside. They can be tilted at the top, providing excellent ventilation and maintaining safety and protection, or they can open sideways like a window with normal side hinges, allowing easy access for cleaning.

Our tilt and turn windows excel in providing superior airtightness and insulation. Their multi-point locking system, combined with rubber seals, ensures minimal air leakage, crucial for maintaining the controlled indoor climate of homes. The tight seal also minimizes heat transfer, preventing energy loss during heating or cooling seasons.


  • Width (min - max) 470 - 1500 mm
  • Height (min - max) 450 -  2400mm
  • Width up to 1400mm at min height of 1500mm, max 2100mm
  • Height up to 2700mm at max width of 1000mm

Max. Sash Weight 100kg


Tilt and turn windows provide a combination of functionality, security, energy efficiency, and aesthetics, making them a popular choice for many homeowners and building developers.

  • Energy Efficiency:
    Tilt and turn windows provide excellent insulation, helping to keep heat inside during winter and out during summer. This can lead to energy savings on heating and cooling bills.
  • Sound Insulation:
    The multi-point locking system and tight seal of tilt and turn windows help to reduce noise transmission from outside, providing a quieter indoor environment. Up to 45dB
  • Ventilation Control:
    With their unique design, tilt and turn windows can swing open like a door for maximum ventilation or tilt inward from the top for a gentle breeze allowing hot air to escape while containing cool air closer to the floor without compromising security.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    Cleaning tilt and turn windows is typically more convenient compared to traditional windows since both sides of the glass can be accessed from the inside. This eliminates the need for exterior cleaning equipment or ladders.
  • Security:
    Tilt and turn windows typically feature multiple locking points around the frame, enhancing security and making them more difficult to break into compared to traditional windows. When the window is tilted, it allows for ventilation while maintaining security since the opening is small and difficult to breach. When fully closed, they offer a secure seal against intrusion.
  • Ideal solution for Passive House
    Tilt and turn windows excel in providing superior airtightness and insulation. Their multi-point locking system, combined with rubber seals, ensures minimal air leakage, crucial for maintaining the controlled indoor climate of Passive House
  • BAL-40 bushfire tested and certified
    Our aluplast Ideal 4000 tilt and turn windows are tested and certified for #BAL40 (BAL40 compliance under Australian Standard AS 3959:2018 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Area) without requirement of window shutters providing comfortable, energy efficient and bushfire resistance solution.
  • A wide range of colours
    Extensive range of colours including woodec and aludec texture finished foils which can be applied to either one side or both sides of the frame
  • Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS)
    Our tilt & turn windows Uw range 1.2 to 1.9 by WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme) for energy efficiency and SHGC Range 0.11 - 0.51
  • Slim construction depth
    Ideal 4000 Construction depth 70mm and Energeto NEO 76mm

Technical Details

IDEAL 4000 

Ideal 4000

  • 70 mm construction depth
  • 5 chamber profile
  • Number of gaskets: 2
  • Uf=1.3 W/m²K
  • Uw=0.99 W/m²K with standard-triple-glazing with Ug=0.6 and Psi=0.040 W/mK
  • Up to 41 mm glazing pocket
  • 24mm, 28mm, 36mm, 40mm glazing beads suitable for the best performing triple glazed sealed units
  • Fully reinforced with galvanised steel for maximum strength
  • Passive House suitable

Energeto Neo

tilt and turn passive house window
  • Passive House Certified Component Climate zone: Cool, temperate
  • 76 mm construction depth
  • 6 chamber profile
  • Number of gaskets: 3
  • Uf = 1,00 W/m K in the glazing variant with a glass unit with Ug = 0.7 with Psi = 0.040 W/mK
  • Uw = 0,73 W/mK in the best configuration with triple glazing Ug = 0,5 und Psi = 0,030 W/mK
  • Glazing with packages from 24 to 53
  • Composite reinforcement - powerdur (replaces the steel reinforcement)
  • Optional: foam inside technology

Hardware and Fittings


  • Our standard handle: Victory Tilt & Turn Non-lockable
  • Lockable option are available along variety of handles in different materials and styles:



  • Our standard Siegenia Titan surface-mounted (visable) side hinges are extremely durable for up to 130 kg sash weight.  All screws concealed and cover caps in white, silver or black
  • Optional – Concealed hinges: Offering a clean and unobtrusive look, concealed hinges are hidden within the frame, enhancing the window’s aesthetic appeal.


The installations are done quickly, with an experienced and qualified team that performs the service satisfactorily, with quality and extremely technical.

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