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The Lift and Slide Door is engineered for extra-large opening to offer unobstructed views, seamless indoor-outdoor living, and ample natural light all without compromising ease of operation, security and performance. Our Lift and Slide doors offer the biggest expansions of ‘moving wall of glass’. The lift and slide door features advanced operating hardware, a simple 180 degree turn of the handle, unlocks the door and gently lifts up the entire door out of its truck, and it can then glide along with an ease.


Size Restrictions:

  • Up to 2.8m high
  • Up to 6.5m wide

*For any sizes that are outside this range please contact us.


uPVC lift and slide doors offer a perfect combination of style, functionality, and versatility, allowing you to create the biggest openings possible in your home. Whether you’re looking to maximize natural light, seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, or enhance your entertaining area, these doors provide the ideal solution.

  • Energy Efficiency:
    uPVC lift and slide doors help to create a barrier against heat loss, keeping interiors warm during the colder months and cool in the summer. This not only enhances comfort but also reduces energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills.
  • The Biggest Opening Possible:
    One of the most significant advantages of uPVC lift and slide doors is their ability to create the biggest opening possible. This is especially beneficial for homes that want to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether you're hosting a gathering or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home, uPVC lift and slide doors provide expansive views and unrestricted access to the outdoors.
  • Barrier-free thresholds:
    Elegantly and effortlessly connects your inside space with the environment found right outside your doors. Flush and Recessed threshold creates seamless transitions for accessibility
  • Ease of use:
    With a simple lift of the handle, the door glides smoothly along its track, providing easy access to outdoor spaces. This unique functionality not only enhances convenience but also improves accessibility, making uPVC lift and slide doors suitable for users of all ages and abilities.
  • Variety of configurations
    Numerous panel configurations are available to best suit the layout of a room
  • High levels of natural light transmission:
    uPVC lift and slide doors' expansive glass panels allow natural light to flood into your home, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Technical Details

Kinzel Industries upvc lift and slide doors
  • 197 mm construction depth (85 mm sash depth)
  • Barrier-free Thermally-broken threshold
  • Uw=0.87 W/m²K with standard-triple-glazing with Ug=0.6 and Psi=0.040 W/mK
  • Uw=0.71 W/m²K best possible option with triple glazing with Ug=0.4 and Psi=0.030 W/mKmK
  • Double or triple glazed
  • Up to 51 mm glazing
  • Up to 44dB sound insulation
  • Custom made to many configurations: Scheme A, Scheme C, Scheme D and Scheme K
  • Suited for bushfire areas up to and including BAL-29
  • Passive House suitable
  • WERS energy rating: U-value from 1.5 with double glazing


The installations are done quickly, with an experienced and qualified team that performs the service satisfactorily, with quality and extremely technical.

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